Building a Great Sales Team: What to Consider

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October 17, 2022

Your sales team can make or break your CPG business. You’ve revised your next level sales strategy, planned and implemented new sales processes, and now, building a great sales team is what will help you generate enough sales for the growth of your business and overall success.

In this article, therefore, we’ll discuss five things you need to consider so you can create a successful sales team! One that puts you in position for partnering with the right cross-functional teams to scale your brand.

1 Define Job Descriptions to Suit Your Sales Structure

Chances are every salesperson who applies for the job knows how to sell a product. But that doesn’t mean they’re the right fit for you. The CPG industry is in flux today. You need the right person.

It’s better, therefore, to look at your sales structure and identify the holes – and what role your new hire needs to play. For example, do you need someone to manage a key account?

Creating more exact job descriptions will attract high-quality sales people who make a difference to the sales team you’re building.

2 Define the Ideal Candidate for Each Sales Role

The “ideal sales candidate” is a blueprint for the attributes and qualities you’re looking for in each of your candidates. The person is not the role! They fulfil the role by who they are.

So, make sure your blueprint/profile is accurate for a CPG role. Do you need someone with deep experience in the Grocery channel, for example? Your profiling makes it easier to eliminate candidates before the interview stage – no matter how glorious their resumé is.

3 Have an Onboarding Plan for Every New Hire

Onboarding a new hire is a process that needs individualizing. It also needs all team members to be involved in a collaborative effort!

Also, bear in mind that each hire has different learning styles and needs. Don’t assume you can use the same material and exercises for all new salespeople. This may misfire and not build your great sales team.

You need a documented 30-60-90 plan and weekly 1-1s to position the new hire for success. Make them feel special and excited they joined the team.

4 Put in Place the Right Compensation Structure

Building a great sales team is not only about the mix of personalities and skills but also about the right compensation (what you pay).

Compensation should be based on predefined measures and made known to each sales rep, so they understand their goals.

The compensation plan should be clearly communicated, signed, and a win-win for everyone involved. One of the best recruiting tools is a well-designed compensation plan.

5 Ensure Roles and Responsibilities Are Clearly Defined

Overall, in building a great sales team, you must make everyone’s role clear so they’re able to achieve their goals and grow in their careers. Younger staff, these days, expect training and career prospects!

Clearly defined responsibilities also make it easier for reps to accept accountability and feel part of your CPG business. This brings loyalty in a world where staff quickly leave when disenchanted!

Momentum CPG Can Help!

Building a great sales team in any organization is important – and especially so for a CPG company. We can help you build a sales team that will deliver more sales growth than you ever thought possible! Contact us today and let’s talk!

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Building a Great Sales Team: What to Consider
Learn the five most important points to consider when building a great sales team that will help you generate enough sales for the growth of your business and overall success.

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