Your people are everything! Having the right sales team can be the difference between double-digit growth and standing still. Making the wrong hires can be costly – you lose time, and replacement costs can be as much as 30% of their first-year salary.

If you do not have a sales team capable of taking you to the next level sales,  you don’t have to go it alone.

At MomentumCPG we help our clients by:

  • Defining the right sales structure, job descriptions and onboarding plan.
  • Hiring the right talent with the right compensation & incentive plans.
  • We work with you to define an ideal candidate profile, profile top performers, execute market surveys and create a talent action plan.
  • We work with our recruiting partner to hire a proven performer, based on both sales skillset and selling mindset.
  • We then create and execute a proven on-boarding program over 90-days.
  • Developing clear roles and responsibilities for each sales team member
  • Sales management, coaching, training, and leadership.


We help  you build a sales team that will deliver more sales growth than you ever thought possible, and give your people management tools that will take your business to the Next Level.

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