How to Create a CPG Marketing Strategy That Works!

CPG Marketing Strategy
March 17, 2021

The consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry is one of the world’s biggest industries. As a result, it is a crowded marketplace. Businesses in this industry therefore need to constantly refine their CPG marketing strategy to reach their target market. Not only that, but consumer behavior is ever-changing and will continue to change as new sales trends keep emerging.

So, How Do You Stand Out In Such a Competitive Marketplace?

To stay relevant, keep your existing customers, and acquire new customers, you must incorporate new growth strategies within your overall marketing approach. A good marketing strategy that is on par with the current times will help guide your CPG company to achieve its mission and business goals.

In this article, we discuss strategies that will help your marketing efforts and drive sales. To create a long term CPG marketing and sales strategy that works, you need to:

Research Your Target Market

Identify your targeted audience and tailor your marketing strategy to them. Your ideal customers can be segmented depending on the CPG brands you sell, demographics, lifestyle, preferences, interests, or even dislikes. Once you identify your ideal customers, you can start working on a strong marketing strategy that will help you acquire and retain those customers.

Create a Multi-Channel Digital Campaign

It is time for CPG industries to become digital disruptors. Technology is now at the center of every facet of life and affects how we move, buy, and sell consumer goods. Today, you will find consumers constantly engaged in digital channels such as social media, blogs, and emails.

We Live in a Digital Age. Embrace it!

A CPG firm is no longer confined to bricks and mortar only. The dynamic digital space allows the industry to connect to its consumers by creating unique multi-channel digital marketing campaigns.

These campaigns can include:

  • Social media posts
  • Email blasts
  • Ads on web browsers
  • Cell phone push notifications

CPG businesses that engage with their audiences regularly across multiple digital channels will see increased sales compared to that of a single-channel campaign.

Analyze the Data to Find Out What Works

A good CPG marketing strategy will include listening to what the customer wants. Analyze the data from the campaigns. What worked and what didn’t? Which channels got the most engagement, and which CPG products got the most sales? This will give you a better understanding of your target market.

Track the data and use the information to optimize and personalize your customer shopping experience from start to finish, and give your customers what they want.

After all, a happy customer will become a repeat customer.

Drive Sales with a CPG Marketing Strategy That Works!

Breaking down these key points allows you to create an effective marketing strategy that you can easily execute. Be consistent in researching and keeping up to date with your market and your target customers.

Equipping your marketing teams with the tools and strategies to succeed will ensure you remain relevant and a major player in the CPG industry!

As the industry continues to grow, be flexible and adapt to change as new opportunities arise. Quick execution of new ideas and products will set you apart from your competitors.

Get Help from the Experts!

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How to Create a CPG Marketing Strategy That Works!
The CPG industry is a crowded marketplace. So, how do you stand out? By creating a CPG marketing strategy that drives sales and growth!

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