How to Find and Retain Your Best Talent

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March 13, 2023

Finding and retaining talent is one of the most important focus areas for any brand. To find and retain your best talent in 2023, you’ll need to

  • rethink the capabilities you’re looking for,
  • pay attention to the branding and culture you offer employees, and
  • have a strong onboarding program and make them feel special on their first day

There are two reasons:

1 Between 2016 and 2019 nearly three-quarters of jobs had more than 40% of their skills change! Traditional job profiles are no longer so effective for finding and retaining your top talent.

2 You should also take into account that workplace culture has become more important to top talent than either salary or flexible hours. Hard to believe, but true. Times are changing!

Our three tips are based on those assessments.

1 Consider Your Brand and Culture

You don’t have to be Heinz or Andrex to ensure you find and retain your best talent! Simply note employment trends and apply them to your talent search.

We’ve entered an age when employees

  • have multiple ethical and workplace demands of any business and also
  • expect certain provisions.


Check you have strong employer branding (e.g., ethical sourcing in your supply chain etc).

Even if you only sell a niche variety of tomato soup sourced from organic ingredients, this will help attract top talent who share your vision and are passionate about what you do.

In addition, to retain your best talent, create a company culture that aligns with your espoused values and mission.

What’s also attractive is an inclusive workplace culture that values diversity and promotes work-life balance. You can make this visible to prospective candidates by showing them around to talk to current staff actually at work.

2 Consider Your Recruitment and Retention Plan

In the last few years, as we mentioned, a huge number of jobs saw around over one-third of skills completely changed.


You need to

  • avoid static job descriptions and adjust them regularly to reflect changes in the workplace,
  • have a detailed interview process,
  • assure employees you value retaining them despite company changes, and
  • have a strong onboarding process.

This means naming upfront your ongoing training and development opportunities to keep them engaged and motivated as roles change. Be transparent!

3 Think About Where You Search for Top Talent and How to Improve Employee Retention

Not all jobs in CPG require on-premise working. You may struggle to find and retain your best talent locally.

With the age of remote and global working definitely out of its infancy, leverage those factors to find the people who best fit your brand.


Consider various social media sites and online job platforms to reach a wider pool of candidates.

Get your team involved in the process and ask who they know.

Global recruitment also contributes to your cultural diversity, thus closing the circle.

Momentum CPG Can Help You Find and Retain Your Top Talent

At Momentum CPG, we focus on strategy, process, people, and partnership. With 120+ years of experience, we offer leadership you can trust as we help you find and retain your best talent. You don’t have to go it alone! Let’s talk today.

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