How to Promote a CPG Product Using Social Media

Promoting a CPG product using social media
May 19, 2021

Traditional in-store launches and promotions are slowly disappearing due to the vast growth of social media marketing. Now, more than ever, people are digitally connected. That’s why every business needs a social media platform to engage with their audience. Companies wishing to promote a CPG product are no different.

Why You Need Social Media Marketing when Promoting a CPG Product

With more customers moving to online shopping, social media is an essential platform for business success.

A successful product launch on social media requires careful planning, research, and preparation. There are many advantages to having an online social media presence, but promoting a CPG product can seem daunting. If so, here are a few tips to help you with the process.

Know Your Competitive Advantage

The world is becoming increasingly small, and there is so much content thrown at people every second. Brands are riding the wave of digital marketing through social media, which means competition has become fierce.

Because of this, to stand out, a CPG brand must establish its value and the competitive advantage they have over other similar brands.

  • What do you have that makes you stand out from your competitors?
  • Why should consumers buy from you?

The answers to these questions will help you create content that capitalizes on your unique value and attracts more users to your social platforms who will buy your product(s).

Tell Your Brand’s Story and Be Authentic

Most businesses in the CPG industry, both well-established big companies and small businesses, are not able to connect with their consumers on a personal level. Social media gives you a platform to tell your story, interact with your audience (consumers), and understand them better.

The content on your feed should stay true to your brand values and mission. CPG brands can leverage digital insights to tailor their product promotion to their targeted audience and encourage customer loyalty.

You want to tell the story of your brand, be authentic, and communicate the right message. This leads to more engagement with your audience and, in turn, more product sales.

Listen and Communicate with Your Audience

Proper communication is vital for any relationship to flourish – especially as consumers have become much closer to brands due to social media. Listen to your customers by observing the trends provided by your account reports and through the comments on your page.

Social media platforms provide a two-way communication, which helps your customers feel more connected to your brand. When used correctly, data collected from listening to your customers can create a stronger marketing strategy. This will increase sales success.

Communication will not only provide an insight into gaps in the market and what products your consumers need; it will also help increase brand loyalty, connect you with your audience, and increase interest in your brand/product(s).

Increase Your Sales (ROI) When You Promote a CPG Product

Social media marketing helps you reach a wider audience. And with targeted ads at a lower cost, social media allows you to connect with online users who are more likely to become new customers. If you carefully create content to capture these users, you can significantly increase your return on investment (ROI).

What Social Media Platform Should You Use?

With almost 3.8 billion social media users, the latest social media statistics show that Facebook is the market leader, followed by YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. Each platform can bring results with the right marketing strategy. However, each platform has its own demographic, functions differently, and requires different types of campaigns to be successful.

Decide which platform fits with your brand and target market.

Tailor Your Content When You Promote Your CPG Product

Because every social media platform has its own demographic, you need to study each and tailor your content according to the needs of consumers on that platform. In order to perfect your content creation, you will also need to track results and try different approaches until you find the right mix that brings you the results you want as you promote your CPG product.

We Can Help You Achieve Sales Success

At Momentum CPG, we are committed to helping you overcome the barriers that keep you from achieving sales success. We can help you build your social media strategy, and much more. Let’s talk.


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How to Promote a CPG Product Using Social Media
If it seems daunting to promote a CPG product via social media, these tips will help you do it successfully.

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