The Future of CPG Sales Training

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January 14, 2023

So – you’ve made your marketing plan for 2023. But did you notice that your CPG sales training now addresses a varied group of baby boomers, millennials, Generation X, and Gen Z – and they all have different ways of learning?

In addition, trends are changing the CPG world fast!

This leads to two conclusions, both of which need innovation:

  1. You need to invest in new forms of sales training in 2023.
  2. Your training needs to be individualized, effective, and quickly delivered.

Innovation in CPG Sales Training

We’ve talked about innovation before. But innovation will also play a key role in the future of your sales training programs – in terms of

  • delivery,
  • content, and
  • evaluation.

Crucially, you’ll have to slot training alongside sales tasks. Today’s fast-moving CPG marketplace won’t stop while you train your staff!

So let’s look at those three factors in turn.

1 Delivery

This should be a mix of videos, in-person sessions, webinars, reading material, group activities, AI-delivered alternative-reality experience, etc.

The key is to consider your reps’ individual learning needs.

For instance, the Gen Zers in your workforce use at least 5 screens a day. Plus their attention span is supposedly eight seconds! Compare this to baby boomers, and you get the problem. Provide for all training preferences!

Example of flexible delivery

Use a short in-house training – followed by flexible content that your reps can listen to (podcast), watch (as video and animated video), or read (on paper) while in the field or travelling – in short bites.

2 Content

You now need to divide the content of your CPG sales training program into modules that address each aspect of your sales process.

It makes sense. Not every sales rep will carry out the same function in the more specialized selling environment of the future. Why waste time delivering the same training to all reps, all at once.

This hinders each rep’s learning – and most reps today expect to progress fast or they’ll switch company.

Example of tailored content

Using suitable technology, each rep can have training content relevant to where they are in sales experience. So – if you find out someone’s discovery calls with possible CPG partners miss vital information, offer training about making those calls.

Better still, train them on the job as far as possible, making those calls under supervision.

In addition, in a world where “customer experience” now rules, ensure that all sections of training are tailored to include the psychology of how to relate and communicate well, and how people buy or make decisions.

3 Evaluation Using AI

As indicated above, you’ll need to have the tools to evaluate the effectiveness of your (now mostly) self-directed sales training program for each individual sales rep.

Example of evaluation

A dashboard can show you their

  • experience level in the CPG world (they may come from a software sales background, for example),
  • next steps needed,
  • training they’ve completed, and
  • measured success in deploying this training in the field.

The latter is crucial. It also forms a feedback loop.

You see their outcome figures and AI can adjust the type of training or mentoring that would improve sales training for that rep.

Momentum CPG Can Help!

You’ve built a great sales team from all generational groups. But you still have to train them. And training has to change to suit that team.

If you’d like expert help from Momentum CPG’s professionals, contact us today – we can help you overcom any sales training problems your brand faces. Let’s talk!

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The Future of CPG Sales Training
Innovation in the CPG world must also incorporate innovation in sales training to meet your reps' needs in today's market place. Learn how!

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