Top CPG Trends Post Covid

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June 17, 2021

After more than a year of uncertainty due to the pandemic, one of the positives for the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry has been increased demand from consumers. The impact of a world crisis has also changed many aspects of buyers’ behavior and expectations. Several reports from within the industry comment on new CPG trends post Covid that seem here to stay. We highlight a few.

Increased Reliance on e-Commerce post Covid

With more time spent at home, most customers have adapted to, and depend heavily on, online shopping. A top CPG trend post Covid shows that this e-commerce will continue to be elevated. An e-commerce platform has therefore become a must for the CPG industry as a means to keep interacting with consumers.

Reliance on technology is going to increase further as CPG stakeholders focus their efforts on ensuring a seamless integration of store and online sales. This is essential to achieving sales goals this year and in future. These plans must include

  • building SEO-friendly mobile-first strategies, as most online shopping is done by phone
  • a technological link between in-store and online ordering – the omni-channel experience

According to the report by The Consumer Brands Association (CBA), supply chains will have to continue to adjust to this situation well into 2022. The need is to find more efficiency and resilience in the face of consumers’ changing habits.

Consumer Demands for Sustainability and Sourcing Transparency post Covid

During the Covid-19 crisis, consumers have intensified their focus on packaging, sourcing, and sustainability issues. They have also made their wishes known. As a supplier depending on continued demand from your customers, your company will need to continue addressing these aspects of your business operations. You will need to have strategies in place to check where your supplies are coming from, and how.

These considerations include

  • Quality and type of packaging
  • Working conditions and pay in the supply chain
  • Effect of the chain on the health of the planet
  • Clear labeling of ingredients and sourcing

CPG Companies’ Involvement in Societal Changes post Covid

Another important CPG trend post Covid is the increase in checks – by official bodies and consumers alike – to ensure the workforce represents current societal values of inclusion and diversity. This has arisen from

  • the ability of social media platforms to spotlight and share perceived shortcomings
  • months of pandemic living during which customers have considered what they value most

One of these values is an increased desire for a work-home balance – a rising trend that CPG companies will need to consider for their whole workforce.

On the other hand, this particular phenomenon, which is likely to continue, offers CPG brands the chance to share their brand values and communicate with their customers in a positive way.

Looking to achieve success in 2021? CPG trends formed during the pandemic will continue for some time post Covid and offer challenges to all CPG companies.

Here at Momentum CPG, we are committed to helping you overcome the barriers that keep you from achieving sales success. We can help you home in on these post-Covid trends and build your long-term strategies in a positive way in response to consumer behavior.

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Top CPG Trends Post Covid
Three top CPG trends post Covid that all CPG businesses should take note of and act on.

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