Top Trends Reshaping the CPG Industry Now

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November 16, 2022

Trends are one of the biggest drivers of change and innovation in the CPG industry. To market effectively, you need to constantly monitor leading indicators of what’s happening on the ground to help you

  • plan and shape strategy and
  • make changes on an agile basis.

In this article we’ll discuss the top five trends that are reshaping the CPG industry now – and that you need to keep an eye on!

1 Your Unique Value Proposition is Key

CPG startups with one key UVP are disrupting the market – and, more worryingly, reporting higher growth than large manufacturers. This provides a hint to small- to medium sized businesses like yours!

Which is? Your unique value proposition must differentiate you from others and be communicated in a creative and appealing way to grab your target audience’s attention.

>>>What is your UVP and how can you improve it on your branding and packaging?

2 Health and Wellness Matter More

Since the pandemic gave people pause for thought, the majority of them have changed their health and wellness values and become more attentive to what they’re consuming.

As a result, if your CPG brand falls within the food and drink category, you need to see how health concerns affected CPG brands’ experience and activity a few years ago – and bring your brand in line with what’s considered best for health and wellness now. Big companies are failing to do this.

>>>What can your company do to embrace new health trends for health-conscious consumers?

3 Demand for Corporate Social Responsibility

One growing trend is that consumers are more intentional when it comes to purchasing. They want to buy from and support a CPG brand that has similar values to their own.

If you want to tap into this trend, you have to make sure you use some of your resources to help the national or global community in some valued way. For example, support environmental issues or review your supply chains or sustainability credentials.

>>>What socially responsible activity might also suit your brand and your CPG offering really well in marketing terms?

4 Inflation in the CPG Industry Needs Positive Thought!

Price inflation is an unavoidable trend for the moment! Although it’s not a positive one, it can nevertheless have positive or negative effects on your business.

However, consumers still need to buy their basic CPG necessities. And they prefer to do so by buying from the brands they love despite the rise in prices. You therefore need to address the inflationary trend in a positive, innovative way if you don’t want to offload unsold stock to a cut-price competitor!

>>>How can you adapt your strategy, pricing, and marketing to maintain consumer loyalty?

5 Fast and Easy Delivery of CPG Goods

With the rise of delivery apps and services for every type of goods, consumers are increasingly dependent on having CPG goods delivered swiftly – to save time and avoid the inconvenience of buying physically at a store.

E-commerce platforms have made consumers delivery-dependent! They will change brand if their favorite is not available for delivery. So, although you can still win at store level, as a consumer-based brand you have to find ways to adapt – or lose customers.

>>>What partnership can you set up that is mutually beneficial?

Momentum CPG Can Help You!

CPG industry trends are important. As you consider how to close the year strong, we can help you build sales strategies that take into consideration what’s trending now to improve your bottom line in 2023. Contact us today to get started!

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Top Trends Reshaping the CPG Industry Now
Trends are one of the biggest drivers of change and innovation in the CPG industry. Consider our top five as 2022 draws to a close.

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