Your Perfect CPG Sales Strategy Roadmap

Your Perfect CPG Sales Strategy Roadmap
December 16, 2020

Looking to grow and scale your Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) company sustainably? If you’ve been trying and burning yourself out in the process, you know this is no small feat. You need to figure out how to scale efficiently and effectively, and the best way to do that?  

It’s by unleashing your sales potential.  

We know that you know this – you need to grow sales to grow your business. But growing sales in the CPG industry is complex. You need to do it the right way – a way that’s smart and strategic, about working smarter instead of always working harder. Otherwise, you’re on the road to unsustainable growth, whether that’s because you and your team are too burnt out and exhausted to keep going at the same pace or because you get in over your head and your process crumbles.  

So, what’s the right roadmap to creating a sustainable, successful long term sales plan?  

Start with a Smart CPG Sales Strategy

Too many emerging CPG companies we see are just trying to grow as fast as possible – getting their CPG products out and on the shelves of anyone they can convince to work with them, scrambling to makes sales and then figure out where those products are coming, or just working themselves to exhaustion. This is not a strategy.

A smart sales strategy will help you find your target market. We will look at consumer behaviors, purchasing habits, consumer demands, and help you get your CPG brands in front of them so they can become a customer. It sounds simple – but it’s a step too many skip 

Optimize Your Sales Process

Be honest – do you even have a sales process right now? Lots of growing CPG companies don’t. This is ok in the beginning – maybe you have a rockstar sales leader who brings in plenty of leads by themself. But as you grow, you need to figure out how to replicate and scale your sales successes – and creating a strong sales process is the best way to do this.

Build a Beast of a Sales Team

Your sales growth relies on your sales team – so do you have the right people in place to get the job done? Hiring ramps up as your business grows, so you need a plan to hire and train the best people for your sales team. Making it up as you go isn’t going to work as your company gets bigger – a solid business model and plan for sales hires are critical.  

Once you have these three elements in place, your sales capacity and success rate will soar, and your business is ready to grow. It’s all about building the sales muscle and capabilities to scale your business and reach new levels of success quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.  

Need help from experts with decades of experience in CPG goods industry sales to grow and build your sales team and business? Request a consultation with Momentum CPG today and learn how we can help you face the future with confidence.  

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Your Perfect CPG Sales Strategy Roadmap
A smart CPG sales strategy will help you target your ideal customer, find where they shop and what they want to buy. Read on to learn more.

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